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     Download Taken 2 Movie

Watch Taken 2 Online : Michel de Nostredame himself couldn’t have predicted the success of Taken- a French made B-movie starring Liam Neeson and Flick from Neighbours that bore an uncanny resemblance to 24. Taken preformed adequately at the box office but went on to be a smash in the home video market, staying in the DVD top 10 for 100 weeks. Although many questioned Neeson’s decision to appear in the film, it has seen him redefined as a bankable action star and created a new genre of high-octane revenge flicks, so it is not surprising that a sequel was on the cards.

Watch Taken 2 Online : The second installment sees ex-intelligence agent Bryan Mills return to L.A., where he divides his time between playing golf with his absurd chums (who would look more at home in a Just For Men add than in anything resembling real life), teaching his blasé daughter to drive and using his “particular set of skills” to hunt down, and terrify her prospective boyfriends. After Bryan’s ex-wife’s holiday plans are scuppered by her recently departed new husband, Bryan suggests that mother and daughter join him for a jolly jaunt in Istanbul, where normal service is resumed, as long as your idea of normal service is hunting down and killing a small army of evil foreigners.

Watch Taken 2 Online : Taken 2 makes no attempts to tamper with the formula, and all of the key ingredients are there: the leather jacket, the growling, the killing, the macho chest-beating and the racially suspicious undertones. The most immediately apparent change is a degree of self-awareness and an almost parodic tone that is altogether lighter and more fun. Part of the problem with Taken was that it at odds with itself; juxtaposing camp B-movie homage with needlessly nasty violence and a mean-spirited undercurrent. Luc Besson and new director Olivier Megaton have made the decision to play down the violence (with a 12A certificate instead of Taken’s 15 and reducing the kill count significantly), whilst cranking up the action to a level that flirts with the preposterous. These decisions pay off, as Taken 2 is more confident, more engaging, and funnier than its predecessor, generating laughs that the likes of Adam Sandler can only dream of.

Download Taken 2 Movie : Nesson’s tongue-in-cheek anti-piracy VT that runs before the titles is indicative of his approach to the film and, while Taken 2 never reaches the same levels of ridiculousness as The Expendables 2, the move towards a caricature of the action genre is certainly a welcome one. The action set-pieces are as deafening and frenetic as one would expect, and as with Megaton’s recent Columbiana, the clumsy editing is distracting and confusing (partly in an attempt to maintain its 12A rating), with all flashback sequences resembling something out of Spooks. Other imperfections include a script that is laughable and plot holes big enough to drive a tank through, but it is well paced and Neeson is diverting enough to take your eye off the dodgy craftsmanship.